Startup Jam

Startup Jam 23 – a list of projects based on the results of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the IT”.

Two projects relate to the adaptation and support of animal shelters.

  1. Pethome
  2. Bulka 

One team prepared a project to develop and launch the game


Very interesting applications in transport, in particular one allows you to monitor the state of the “health” of the car

  1. :

and the other is a corporate system solution for vehicle logistics

  1. CargoWave:

One project on pattern recognition when purchasing goods

and another on creating images with the help of AI while reading a book

Recipe generation platform and integration with Helsi

  1. Globule 

Psychological help can be found here


“Angry Beavers” prepared a market place project for craft drinks



The service of positive emotions through the delivery of gifе 


Guide for romantic experiences and unique moments 


I want to say about one application that allows those who have been separated due to war to watch movies together, invite friends to watch together and not just to communicate, but most importantly, to maintain relationships.

13. VibeTogether 

A platform where investors and startup teams find each other 


A platform that helps you find a place where you can drop off recyclable waste 



Social project 


There were also interesting projects related to food and gas stations: an application that will help prepare food according to the best recipes from what is in the PocketFridge refrigerator and a mobile car gas station WIND. And how without applications for hiking in the mountains or visiting interesting places in Lviv.

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