Virtual Community College: diversity and inclusion, creativity and inclusive entrepreneurship

- the SINTONIA project aims at developing new projects aiming at fostering the professional activation of IDPs/refugees by learning the basics of social entrepreneurship, participating in various training, events and mentor/coaching programs.  - Sep. 20023-Dec 2024

“Virtual Community College for youth with hearing impairments” supported by the Democracy Grants Programme of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. - Sep. 2005-July 2006

-  “E-Learning: Overcoming Educational and Social Isolation of schoolchildren with hearing impairments” supported by Dutch Embassy Small Projects Programme (Matra/KAP).  - Feb. 2003-June 2005

-  “Workforce Education for employees with hearing impairments in Ukraine” project in cooperation with Loyola College, MD, USA; Institute of Special Education and Psychology, M.Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, Kyiv, Ukraine, supported by the U.S. Department of State. - Sep. 2003-June 2005

The Ukrainian Distance Learning System (Ukraine) is a member of the SINTONIA consortium, which includes Igitego (Sweden) as the coordinator, the National Center for Nuclear Research (Poland), and Kutaisi International University (Georgia). The consortium launched the SINTONIA project in September 2023. The primary objective of SINTONIA is to identify relevant funding opportunities and develop a corresponding project proposal to foster social entrepreneurship among internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees entering the programme countries from Ukraine. This involves establishing a strategic approach to support the inclusion of the target group. The experts from UDL contribute by conducting interviews with individuals from the target groups, gathering best practices for the integration of refugees into local or professional communities, and analysing the needs of refugees through a survey (which includes 69 participants – refugees currently located in Poland, Georgia, Sweden, and several other European countries), as well as creating favourable conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship and trainings for professional growth.

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