Pedagocial team contract

Each team will work out their own “pedagocial team contract”. The purpose is to create a mutual commitment and responsibility for a good learning outcome in the teams and in the communication with teachers and companies/ organizations to be visited in the course. The outcome of a course is always depending on the teachers´ and the students´ motivation, knowledge, communication and learning. Characteristic for a good learning situation is an “open dialogue”. In an open learning dialogue and “climate” teachers and students communicate, are flexible and together make changes if necessary. The course web-site is one more important way of information and communication.

Research and practice have shown the importance of differences in the personalities and knowledge in teams especially in working with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activities. The student teams should therefore at the start of a long-term team-work try to know each others´ uniqueness, values and previous knowledge. From this analisys it is easier to find out the common platform and use the different mind-sets as a strength for the team as a whole. Differences could also be in the individual team members´ motivation and expectations on each other. How to get effective team meetings, time schedules, deadlines and learning support to each other etc. is also a result of the communication and commitments in the teams.

It is easy to find the same view in the life outside of the universities, for examples in the daily work in a company, in doing business with customers or in sport team activities. Just imagine what will happen in an important development project in a company if only half of the team will show up at an agreed meeting or if the football team just have half of the team at the start of a match without communicating with the project manager, the coach and/or the team. Ethical commitments and mutual responsibility are prerequisites for every successful company, organization and team today.

Last modified: Saturday, 19 November 2016, 11:50 PM