on-line “Startup Battle” on December 8 at 11:00 - 13:00

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on-line “Startup Battle” on December 8 at 11:00 - 13:00
by Admin User - Thursday, 2 December 2021, 6:39 PM

14 student teams are ready to make a stand for their ideas for starting a business, to compete not only with new products/service, but also with extraordinary business models.

It is worth hearing and seeing how each team will not just make a presentation and introduce a prototype of product/service, but will try to convince everyone present that WHAT they offer is a value to the market, and HOW they offer to do business is their guarantee of a breakthrough to this market.

Before the start, there will be a panel discussion “How to realize your mission” with the participation of successful entrepreneurs:

Andreas Nilsson, Stockholm (Sweden)
"I am an entrepreneur, researcher and investor working in Stockholm Sweden.
As an entrepreneur, I lead Springs innovation team. Currently, we are engaged in scaling a digital maturity assessment tool (DiMiOS) enabling organizations to quickly assess and improve their digital maturity. We are also engaged in a number of Blockchain initiatives in the Fintech industry.
As a researcher I am affiliated researcher to SCDI (Swedish Center for Digital Innovation). My current research investigates digital innovation, platform business models and digital entrepreneurship.

As an investor, I have a focus on tech-driven opportunities explored by challenging start-ups. But I am open to invest opportunistically in early phases in any industry".

Stefan Schandera, CEO and founding partner, Gigahertz Ventures GmbH, Dresden (Germany)

Stefan is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor from Dresden, Germany. As partner and CEO of Gigahertz Ventures GmbH, Stefan provides smart capital and experience-based mentoring to tech-based startups within industrial value networks. Having worked in Eastern Europe and Central Asia for almost two decades, Stefan has a particular interest in supply-chain as well as HR-related potentials within the East-West context.

Markiian Tsymbalista, Lviv (Ukraine)

Over the last decade, I've been holding different roles in engineering, consulting, and delivery management in 100+ software projects on the terrains of major players e.g. SoftServe, N-IX, and Intellias.

During different periods of my career, responsibilities spanned areas from in-depth technical roles (writing huge amounts of code, leading engineering, designing evolutionary architectures, and doing R&D technology consulting) to portfolio management with teams of up to 120 engineers. In my last roles as a hired employee, I've been a pre-sale solution leader and an enterprise architect inside a company of 2000+ employees. 

Right now, along with serving C* level technology executive role for a co-founded travel tech company - inDest, I'm also doing a lot of product management, and in parallel running the most differentiated on the market boutique technology consulting company - TageSpot.