Innovation Spring 2017 "Lviv Towards Industry 4.0 and Digital Innovation"

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Innovation Spring 2017 "Lviv Towards Industry 4.0 and Digital Innovation"
User Admin - Monday 5 June 2017 14:36 PM

24 May 2017, we had a very nice and refreshing Innovation Spring, you can find the program attached.
There are even some successful stories, eg.: Banke Electromotive (Denmark) selected Lviv as a destination point for he Innovation Startup on Electric Trucks Production.
There was an interesting presentation on IoТ cases, made by a Stefan Holger Schandera, Strategy Advisor, Eurasia Foresight (Germany), followed by the discussion about opportunities for Ukrainian IT companies, and a a report on technology transfer models, made by Charles K. Whitehead, Professor of Law, Director, Law, Technology & Entrepreneurship Program Cornell Tech Cornell Law School (USA).

Our researchers made four pitches, presenting their research and innovation projects. The project 'New hydrogen storage materials' has become a subject of negotiation between I.Franko National University of Lviv and the Banke Electromotive Company (Denmark) on new battery production for electric cars. New materials for road maintenance (from Lviv Polytechnic National University) will be tested in Onur Company labs. Individual dosimeters based on new materials (Lviv Polytechnic National University) and ColorPrint technology (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Lviv) on the base of special software could be technology transferred through JV.

After lunch, we had an interestion presentation on Open Data and business development using such data.

Pitches on IT startups aimed at solving municipal problems, presented by youth teams, brought in energy to the event. They were evaluated by the jury, and winners received financial incentive for the best projects.